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As mentioned before on this site, is not a place of perfect knowledge. When I write that a bead is from the Mauryan period or the Kushan period or from this or that area, it is partly guesswork.
However this guesswork is based on evidence, experience and all the research and information I got about the beads from the sellers.
It is very difficult to be absolute precise the assessment of a beads age and place of origin.
In the case of traveling beads with marks of wear and tear and the patina made from human skin, the place of origin is difficult to assert. These beads are great vagabonds and have for
millennium’s been stringed around the neck of travelers. It is sometimes more easy to tell something about excavation beads, especially if they look like they have never traveled.
In this way Beads have been ambassadors of beauty and wealth,
charged with the mystery of faraway places, never to be seen
by their new owners.  But maybe it could be smelled like a fragrance,
an intuition telling you that the world is deep and mystic place.
As Nietzsche puts it: Deeper as the day could fathom.
At that time the beads were of course not ancient.
But they have grown mature and wise like old people and wine.
And so they got ancient by the grace of an old illusive woman called 'Ælde' in the Nordic mythology. Even the God of war, the strong Viking Thor could not defeat Ælde, the God of time and old age. Like the wise Indians say: what is born, has to die.
But it seems the ancient beads could defeat Ælde. Maybe because the
beads grow stronger and stronger with age. Beads are in this way growing stones.

Beads are tokens of timelessness 
And so they mature into tokens of timelessness - of a reality that is ever more desirable in a modern world with a center of gravity, or should I say hyper reality that is immaterial in the sense that it is a world of information referring to information with the speed of light.
This digital world is a beautiful world! It makes this website possible.
So how could I discard this world?
But like any other manifestation in time and space it has a backside
you need to counter with awareness.

On the dark side of this moon I sense the danger of being engulfed by unreality.  But there is a remedy - a medicine:
When you wear an ancient bead you are protected from the unreal
Every time you aware this bead the symbolic energy of the generations before you that took this relay, will connect you with a time where we were much, much more simple people in a much, much more simple world.
So with this prologue we can return to the beads and the definition of age used on this site.


Ancient: By ancient I mean more than 1000 years old.
Old: less than 1000 but more than 100 years.
Antique: By antique I mean more than 100 but less than 200.

Most of the beads displayed on this site are ancient.



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