31 * 11 mm
A wonderfull ancient translucent natural Chung dZI bead with a unique 'patina'.
It displays dual, almost symmetrical swirling stripes. The bead is translucent which gives
a marvellous contrast to the natural white stripes. An 'artbead' of rare appearance.

Madhya Pradesh

30 * 11 mm 
Ancient banded agate beads - the play of colors in these beads is unique!
Unfortunately my scanner is not able to display the full translucent shine in this bead.
Himmachal Pradesh - Ram Shehar near Nalagarh - India

30 * 10 mm

30 * 10 mm

30 * 13 mm
A unique coloured ancient carnelian bead. When you look at the hole you can see that this
bead has either never been used or used very little. Nevertheless the bead has excavation patina.

Small banded agate beads

11 * 7 mm


11 * 10 * 3 mm

A small but very beautiful brownish translucent banded agate bead

Uncooked agate beads

The old agate beads displayed below have not recieved any heat treament or colour alteration.

25 * 11mm

24 * 17mm

25 * 14mm
An agate bead with deep crystaline structures.



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