Buddhist statue 1 - height 11 cm




Buddhist statue 2 - 14,2 cm



Buddhist statue 3 - 14,4 cm - SOLD




Buddhist statue 4 - 8,9 cm - Sri Lanka



White Tara 5 - 24 cm - weight 1852 gr
A Chinese patinated bronze figure of White Tara, scant remains of gilding.
She is seated in dhyanasana on a double lotus throne, the right hand in the
varada mudra, the left raised holding the stem of a lotus flower. She wears
an elaborate pierced crown and chest ornament.

Early Ming, 14. Century.




Buddhist repoussť plague - 34 cm - Nepal - SOLD


15th century - A very rare Nepali-Buddhist gilt-copper votive plaque. Of double rectangular form, finely worked to depict the Sakyamuni seated in dhyanasana, the hand gesture in abhya mudra, atop a lotus throne.





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